Over-the-road breakdowns are inevitable, regardless of how well you maintain your equipment. Drivers subject to poorly-managed breakdown events experience missed delivery windows, insufficient hours of service and decreased time at home. On a broader level, stranded equipment is a strain on your revenue, as long delays can compromise your ability to meet upcoming delivery obligations.

Star Leasing’s breakdown service (SBS) provides 24/7 emergency breakdown solutions for your dry or refrigerated trailers, chassis, and flatbeds. With the latest technology in the industry, outstanding service, experienced staff, and a nationwide network of certified preferred vendors, SBS is equipped to seamlessly manage fleet data (including non-Star trailers) and handle any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and repairs.

For assistance regarding our breakdown service, please contact us using the buttons below or call us at 1-877-806-9756.

  • Increase Driver Retention

    Support your drivers by providing them with a 24/7 breakdown resource.

  • Meet Delivery Times

    Meeting delivery times = happy customers.

  • Hassle-Free Process

    From help requests to getting the trailer back on the road.

Breakdown Service


Trailer assistance for Star Leasing and non-Star Leasing equipment

Our breakdown service covers not only Star Leasing trailers, but also non-Star Leasing equipment. This means that no matter what, we’ve got you covered.

Most of our coordinators have been in the industry for decades. In addition, our employees undergo thorough training before they start helping customers.

From California to North Carolina, we have a national network of carefully vetted preferred vendors. These allow us to take care of any over-the-road breakdown regardless of location.

Through our new customer portal, you can review breakdown and repair data. This allows you to keep track of maintenance and repair costs so that there are no surprises end-of-year.

When you outsource your breakdown service with us, you can manage your fleet’s documents, invoices, reports, inspections and more through our new customer portal.


SBS Stats

Years of Industry Experience
Seconds – Avg. Call Queue Time
Hours – Avg. Minor Breakdown Downtime