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Winter Weather Stresses on Trailer Fleet

Winter is here…is your equipment ready? As temperatures across the nation decrease, trailer fleet stressors begin to shift in a different direction. From tires to slack adjusters, winter weather can […]


Shifting From A Reactive To Predictive Maintenance Approach With Trailer Telematics

Maintaining a regularly scheduled maintenance program and responding to over-the-road breakdowns as they occur is the bare minimum you could be doing when it comes to managing fleets at any […]


Scary Over-the-Road Breakdowns That Will Put Your Equipment Out of Service

Unexpected, dangerous, scary… roadside breakdowns can pose many risks to drivers and other people whom they share the road with. Spooky season is upon us. For this reason, our Star […]


Why Improving Driver Communication is Important

Time is Money! There’s one goal in mind when it comes to a driver with a broken-down trailer—a fast, efficient, well-communicated, and properly done repair. Time is money; the time […]


How The SBS Process Helps Eliminate Stress For Your Fleet

Have you ever wondered exactly how the Star Breakdown Service (SBS) process works? In this episode of SBS Inside Look, SBS Supervisor Eric Borland gives us the scoop on the […]


Five Key Metrics That Impact Customer Experience

“You don’t have to be a mathematician to have a feel for numbers.” – John Forbes Nash Jr. There are many metrics that the Star Breakdown Service (SBS) team monitors […]


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